Starbuck's Collectible City & Country Mugs:

I was going into the Starbucks in Aberystwyth, as you do, to buy coffee beans, when I spotted the Wales mugs in the window display. I picked one up and decided that it was just the thing for my favourite Starbucks' espresso coffee (freshly ground for me in the shop). And it was! I then found out that Starbucks sells mugs in all the cities and countries that have their shops, and that they are each unique to their particular country, or city. I persuaded my daughter to buy me a Scotland mug when she was in Glasgow for a while. (Sadly, I did not know that there were also Starbucks' Glasgow mugs.) Then, when she went back to living in Cardiff, she bought me a mug from that city. My husband weighed in with England and London mugs, and I had the beginnings of a rather nice collection. Country mugs for coffee, I decided, and city mugs for tea.

I then discovered that there is a community of collectors of these lovely mugs, and tumblers, and that they trade and display their collections. I also discovered the collector Hong Luong. He has two lovely sites; one for his own collection and another as a source for for collectors and traders. He very mindly allowed me to use his photographs for this fanlisting. It is possible to buy the mugs and tumblers on ebay. But it must be even more fun to only buy them from cities and countries that one has actually visited. They make a lovely and practical souvenir.

Starbucks cups and mugs are even more popular as the most desirable of Starbucks' product. WikiBooks carries a “Guide to Collectible Mugs/Starbucks City Mugs”.[6] The most recent highest priced auction on eBay for mugs was a Starbucks Complete Skyline set of 48 City Mugs for $10,000.[7] The highest price paid for a single Starbucks coffee mug occurred on June 2, 2013 with the purchase of a 2007 Japan mug for $1,375.00USD.

(from Wikepedia)


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