A WOMAN'S WEB:    A webring for personal websites made and run by women.
EX-GEOCITIES:    For websites that used to be hosted by Geocities.
PISCES:    Personal websites built by Pisceans!
CRONE:    Personal websites built by women "of a certain age". Celebrate the Crone years!
DOMAINS:    A webring for people who own their own domains.
SABBATS:    A webring for people who are interested in the Sabbats.
MOTHER, MAIDEN & CRONE:    A webring for people who are interested in the Triple Goddess.
A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN:    A webring for women who have their own websites.
AFTERNOON TEA:    For websites or grace and elegance.
FORGET ME NOT:    For personal websites of creativity, imagination, warmth, and friendship.
YELLOW ROSE SISTERS:    For women's personal websites to promote friendship.
SERENDIPITY PLACE:    For women's personal websites with a bit of everything in them.