About .nu Domains:

.nu is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to the island state of Niue. It was one of the first ccTLDs to be marketed to the Internet at large as an alternative to the gTLDs .com, .net, and .org. Playing on the phonetic similarity between nu and new, it was promoted as a "new" TLD in which there was an abundance of good domain names available.

The .nu domain is particularly popular in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium, as nu is the word for "now" in Swedish, Danish and Dutch, an example of a domain hack. Partially owing to restrictive domain rules for the ccTLD assigned to Sweden, .se, .nu was used for creative marketing of websites such as www.tv.nu to show what's on TV right now, and in the Netherlands for websites like waarbenjij.nu, Dutch for whereareyou.now. (from wikipedia)

Why do I love .nu domains so much? They cost a fair bit more than the domain tlds that I usually buy, so that "exclusivity" was an attraction. I always felt that my .nu domain websites were somehow "bigger" than the others. It's silly, but that's just the way I feel!

My .Nu Domains

indelible.nu songs.nu