I first discovered webrings at the same time as I discovered Geocities, and women's online friendship groups. There was usually a webring connected with each group; usually hosted by Webring. That's the first, the original and the best version of Webring. I must have joined most of them going. But then things changed. First Geocities went to Yahoo, followed by Webring and then all heck broke lose. Some of the groups broke away and moved their rings to Ringsurf. Webrings became known as netrings.

More time passed. (Yes, this is a timey wimey wibbly wobbly story!) You probably know what happened. Geocities was closed down and eventually Webring descended into some hideous mess. It is better than it was, but it is still annoying. Members' information is prone to being lost; one's rings and ring pages are removed from one's account and the rings one thought one was a member of, are going on without one.

However, there are some alternatives. Though sadly, not alt-webring, which was a lovely place to put one's rings, but has now disappeared. Webringo is very good and very reliable. "A safe pair of hands" for webrings. There is also the WOW Webrings is also very good.

In the meantime, I discovered Fanlistings. They are a way of gathering lists of names of fans of a particular subject. I've flitted in and out of the fanlistings world, but hope I'm back to stay. TheFanlistings.org is a web directory of fanlistings. You will find thousands of listings, from actors to websites, there.